Washington State forest wedding venues perfect for elopements and weddings alike

When it comes to exchanging vows amidst nature's serene embrace, Washington State boasts an array of breathtaking forests. But not everyone wants to hike 5 miles or exclude their friends and family that may not be up for an adventure or maybe you just don't want to be without a bathroom near by. I have gathered the best venues that give off the best moody, fairytale, romantic, nature-y vibes that don't scream country or rustic. From towering evergreens, moss covered floors, to meandering streams, these venues offer a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking an intimate and romantic celebration. They are great for elopements with 10-30 guests and some can accommodate even larger weddings. These forest wedding venues range from simple parks to more elaborate fine lodging. But one thing they all have in common: breathtaking forests. Let's delve into some of the most captivating forest wedding venues Washington has to offer that are great for elopements and micro weddings that like the idea of an adventure elopement, but still prefer to be at an actual venue, (in no particular order):

Washington forest elopement venues. Photo by Pine + Vow

  1. Royal Arch Park (https://royalarchpark.org/) Nestled in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, Royal Arch Park provides a fairytale setting for couples dreaming of a forest wedding with camp vibes. Surrounded by lush greenery and majestic trees, this venue offers both charm and elegance with log shelters and the sounds of the Cedar River.
  2. Copper Creek Inn (https://coppercreekinn.com/weddings-at-mt-rainier/) Located near the iconic Mount Rainier, Copper Creek Inn offers rustic charm combined with natural beauty. Say "I do" amidst towering pines and enjoy enjoy cabins with hot tubs, solitude along the creek, and trails through the woods, in the relaxed natural environment..
  3. The Wellspring Spa (https://wellspringspa.com/weddings/) With its tranquil atmosphere and verdant surroundings, The Wellspring Spa provides a serene escape for couples looking to tie the knot in nature's embrace. This intimate venue is nestled in an enchanting ten acre forest sanctuary. There is wide variety of meeting spaces, spa facilities and overnight accommodations.
  4. Fern Acres (https://fernacresforks.com/) Surrounded by old-growth forest, Fern Acres Forks offers a secluded and romantic setting for your forest wedding. Remember the movie Twilight? This is the Twilight wedding venue! It's a fairytale setting of moss-covered old growth stumps, hundreds of ferns, and moss draped vine maples.  Exchange vows in this enchanting locale.
  5. The Emerald Forest (https://www.emeraldforestredmond.com/) A hidden gem in Redmond, Emerald Forest provides a lush and verdant backdrop for your special day. With its towering trees and tranquil ambiance, this venue is perfect for couples seeking a touch of magic.
  6. TreeHouse Point (https://www.treehousepoint.com/) For a truly unique wedding experience, consider saying "I do" amidst the treetops at TreeHouse Point. This one-of-a-kind venue offers cozy treehouse accommodations and enchanting forest surroundings.
  7. Evergreen Meadows Venue (https://www.evergreenmeadowsvenue.com/) Surrounded by acres of pristine forest and scenic meadows, Evergreen Meadows Venue offers a picturesque setting for your forest wedding. Enjoy the beauty of nature as you celebrate your love in this idyllic locale.
  8. Forest Creek Events (https://www.forestcreekevents.com/) Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Forest Creek Events offers a charming and rustic setting for your special day. With its lush forest backdrop and babbling creek, this venue is sure to impress.
  9. Ravenwoods (https://www.ravenwoods.net/) Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest at Ravenwoods, where towering trees and tranquil ponds set the stage for a romantic wedding celebration. This hidden gem is perfect for couples seeking natural beauty and seclusion.
  10. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park (https://www.nwtrek.org/weddings/) Exchange vows surrounded by nature's most majestic creatures at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. This unique venue offers stunning forest views and the opportunity to incorporate wildlife into your special day.
  11. Altimeter Cabin (https://www.altimetercabin.com/Amenities1217801548.html) Perched high in the Cascade Mountains, Altimeter Cabin offers breathtaking views and a serene forest setting for your wedding day. Say "I do" amidst towering trees and sweeping mountain vistas for an unforgettable experience.
  12. Packwood Station (https://www.packwoodstation.com/) Located near Mount Rainier National Park, Packwood Station offers a charming and rustic setting for your forest wedding. Surrounded by pristine wilderness, this venue is perfect for couples seeking a natural and scenic backdrop.
  13. Mount Haven Resort (https://mounthaven.com/event-venue/) With its stunning views of Mount Rainier and lush forest surroundings, Mount Haven Resort provides a picturesque setting for your special day. Celebrate your love amidst nature's beauty at this enchanting venue.
  14. Twin Willow Gardens (https://www.twinwillowgardens.com/) Escape to the tranquility of Twin Willow Gardens, where lush gardens and towering trees create a romantic atmosphere for your wedding day. This charming venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for your celebration.
  15. IslandWood (https://islandwood.org/weddings-and-retreats/) Located on Bainbridge Island, IslandWood offers a magical setting for forest weddings. Exchange vows beneath towering trees and celebrate in rustic elegance at this unique and enchanting venue.
  16. Kitsap Memorial State Park (https://parks.wa.gov/find-parks/state-parks/kitsap-memorial-state-park) Say "I do" surrounded by the natural beauty of Kitsap Memorial State Park. With its lush forest trails and stunning waterfront views, this park offers a picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony.
  17. Gold Mountain Golf Club (https://goldmountaingolf.com/wedding-packages/) Nestled near the Olympic Mountains, Gold Mountain Golf Club offers a scenic and tranquil setting for your forest wedding. Enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding landscape as you celebrate your love at this idyllic venue.
  18. Tierra Retreat Center (https://www.tierraretreat.com/) Escape to the mountains and celebrate your love amidst the natural beauty of Tierra Retreat Center. Surrounded by forested hillsides and sweeping views, this venue offers a serene and romantic setting for your special day.

Each of these forest wedding venues in Washington State offers its own unique charm and beauty, providing couples with the perfect backdrop for their love story. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony surrounded by towering trees or a grand celebration amidst sweeping mountain vistas, these enchanting venues are sure to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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