Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kitsap

(for the outdoorsy couple who loves nature and wants a true PNW vibe for their day!)

This list isn't just any list of venues, it's for the couple who loves nature and the outdoors. It's for the couple that wanted to elope on a mountain top at sunset after hiking 5 miles, but also couldn't bare not having ALL of their friends and family be apart of their day. It's for the couples who love the PNW and an indoor venue is not their vibe. This is a list of the top 5 outdoor wedding venues in Kitsap that scream PNW!

#1. Kingston House


The Kingston House in Kingston stands as a testament to environmentally-conscious weddings. The historic mid century modern house sleeps 14 and is on beautiful grounds that includes a pond, trails, maple grove, preserve, nursery, and working lavender farm. It's an ideal choice for couples who want a touch of sophistication paired with the natural beauty of the outdoors. The Kingston House provides a seamless blend of a classic, timeless setting with the tranquility of the Puget Sound—a perfect choice for couples who appreciate the harmony of nature and refined celebration while being environmentally.

#2. Farm Kitchen

(modern rustic romance)

The Farm Kitchen located in Poulsbo is a haven for couples seeking a rustic and intimate celebration immersed in nature. With its, orchards, open fields, hidden cedar grove, and modern barn, this venue offers a genuine farm-to-table experience. Imagine saying "I do" under the open sky, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the countryside. The natural charm of Farm Kitchen creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for couples who want an authentic PNW feel to their wedding.

#3. Islandwood

(whimsical forest retreat)

Nestled on Bainbridge Island, Islandwood transports couples into a whimsical forest retreat. This eco-friendly venue boasts lush forests, meadows, gardens, treehouses, a suspension bridge, and canopy tower, over 250 acres of an enchanting backdrop for an outdoor ceremony. The Great Hall's modern architecture seamlessly connects with the natural surroundings, offering a magical setting for couples who desire a fairy-tale wedding in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

#4. Kitsap Memorial State Park

(woodsy waterfront bliss)

Colorful bride and groom at Kitsap Memorial State Park saying vows in forest. Photo by Pine + Vow.
Bride and groom with tree line behind them. Photo by Bremerton wedding photographer, Tori Shults.
Bride and groom walking the shores of the Hood Canal. Photo by Pine + Vow
Couple at sunset with Olympic Mountains behind them. Photo by Bremerton wedding photographer.

Kitsap Memorial State Park in Poulsbo is a serene waterfront haven, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows with the gentle sounds of nature as their soundtrack. Whether you choose a beachfront ceremony, forest ceremony, or the park's charming Heritage Log Hall, the backdrop of Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains creates a picturesque setting for an intimate and romantic outdoor wedding. Kitsap Memorial State Park is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love in a tranquil and natural environment.

#5. Gold Mountain Golf

(panoramic views in style)

Gold Mountain Golf in Bremerton caters to the outdoorsy couple with a taste for sophistication. Don't let the fact that this venue sits on a golf course deter you, as the ceremony site is tucked inside a beautiful forest that makes you feel like you are a world away. The golf course venue boasts panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains and Dye's Inlet. The expansive grounds and outdoor ceremony sites provide the perfect canvas for couples to infuse their wedding with a true PNW feel. With breathtaking vistas and a touch of luxury, Gold Mountain Golf is a splendid choice for couples seeking a refined outdoor celebration.

Bonus: Alderbrook Resort and Spa

 (casual waterfront luxury)

While not strictly within Kitsap, Alderbrook Resort and Spa deserves mention for its luxurious waterfront setting on Hood Canal. Couples can embrace the great outdoors while enjoying upscale amenities and stunning views. For elopements and micro weddings, you can even spend your day cruising on the Lady Alderbrook yacht while taking in the stunning views of the Olympic mountains. This resort provides a perfect blend of nature and sophistication, offering a PNW-inspired celebration in a luxurious setting.

Wedding party photos at Alderbrook Resort.
Wedding ceremony at Alderbook Resort. Photo by Tori, a wedding photographer with Pine + Vow.
Lady Alderbook Yacht with flowers on it.
Bride an groom on Lady Alderbook Yacht. Photo by Bremerton wedding photographer, Tori.


There are several wedding venues in Kitsap County but these are Kitsap's top outdoor wedding venues that cater to the couples who truly love nature, offering the perfect settings for a PNW-inspired celebration. Whether it's environmentally-conscious, modern rustic romance, whimsical forest retreats, woodsy waterfront bliss, panoramic views in style, these venues provide a canvas for couples to create memories surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Want help figuring out what venue in Kitsap county is best for your style and vision? Click here to schedule a call with local Bremerton Wedding Photographer. Hi I am Tori, with Pine + Vow, a Washington Wedding and Elopement Photographer that photographs adventurous souls who love the outdoors in Bremerton and most of Western Washington.