Bridal bouquet. Photo by Pine + Vow.
Newly married couple at Lake Crescent with dog. Photo by Washington Elopement photographer.
Vow book at Lake Crescent

Something special about waking up before the sun and being in nature when no one else is around. That is how M + J chose to have their elopement at Lake Crescent. We arrived at the trail head just before sunrise and walked the Spruce Railroad Trail a bit until we found their ceremony spot. Including their pup was very important which is why we opted for this trail. M wore The played rock-paper-scissors to see who would say their vows first. After their sweet exchange of vows, we took some photos along the shores of the lake. Then we headed to our second location where they made coffee and fed each other a giant cinnamon roll on a dock on the lake. We ended their day by doing a little light hiking in the woods where they shared their first dance by a babbling brook.

An Elopement at Lake Crescent

A Lake Crescent elopement or wedding is like stepping into a fairytale of love within the heart of Olympic National Park. This pristine glacial lake, set against the backdrop of towering peaks, offers an idyllic escape for couples seeking an intimate celebration. A Lake Crescent elopement is a unique and magical experience, surrounded by the tranquility of nature and the scenic wonders that define Olympic National Park.

Choosing this gorgeous lake for your wedding means immersing yourselves in the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The phrase "Lake Crescent wedding" evokes images of exchanging vows on the serene shoreline, with the clear waters reflecting the promises made. The charm of the wooded areas and the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains provide a stunning backdrop for every moment of your special day. The versatility of the scenery ensures that a Lake Crescent elopement is not only a celebration of love but also a visual feast capturing the essence of nature's grandeur.

An Olympic National Park elopement at Lake Crescent is an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, embracing the stillness and seclusion offered by this natural haven. Amidst the changing seasons, from vibrant wildflowers in spring to the golden hues of fall, couples can create timeless memories in a setting that epitomizes romance. Whether you envision your elopement by the water's edge or a wedding ceremony with the grandeur of the mountains as your witness, this destination promises an enchanting experience that transcends ordinary celebrations.

Canoe on car with bridal bouquet. Photo by Pine + Vow
Sign of Spruce Railroad Trailhead.
Couple hiking on paved trail to elope. Photo by Tori Shults.
couple leisurely walking on their elopement day. Photo by Washington elopement photographer, Tori.
couple petting their dog before saying their vows. Photo by Pine + Vow.
Bride wearing 70's flower crown.
Elopement at Lake Crescent with dog at sunrise. Photo by Pine + Vow, a Washington Elopement Photographer.
Dog at Lake Crescent Elopement. Photo by Pine + Vow.
First kiss at Lake Crescent Elopement, photo by Pine + Vow.
Couple eloped on the shores of Lake Crescent with their dog at sunrise. Photo by Washington elopement photographer.
Groom kisses his bride at Lake Crescent elopement. Photo by Pine + Vow.
groom leads his bride on a walk on the shores of Lake Crescent. Photo by Tori Shults.
Bride and groom snuggle and laughing under blanket at Lake Crescent.
Groom makes coffee during elopement on dock at Lake Crescent. Photo by Pine + Vow
Bride and groom have breakfast on dock during their Lake Crescent Elopement. Photo by Washington elopement photographer.
Couple toasting coffee during their Lake Crescent elopement while sitting on dock. Photo by Pine + Vow.
Bride ands groom feeding each other a big cinnamon roll during their Lake Crescent Elopement. Photo by Pine + Vow
bride and groom eating breakfast on dock during their Lake Crescent elopement.
couple sitting on dock at Lake Crescent. Photo by Washington elopement photographer
couple laughing while on stump with Lake Crescent in background. Photo by Tori Shults

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